Sunday, January 31, 2010

Virtual Test Drive - 2010 BMW M6

2010 BMW M6
Power - 500hp
Torque - 383lb/ft
Weight - 4098lbs
Top Speed - 186mph
PI Class - B455

Ladera Full - 59.411
Quarter Mile - 13.396
Kaido Stage
C - 2:06.618

This virtual test drive has shown me that the 2010 BMW M6 is an amazing car. Although it weighs just a bit over 2 tons, you would not know it when you are flinging it around a track. Even in the tight corners of Ladera, this car was well balanced and nimble. Although the quarter mile times are in the low 13s, that is more a fault of the tires than the car. The car has almost rocket-like acceleration and the poor stock tires just could not handle all the horsepower. The car also performed very well on the Kaido downhill as the stock brakes worked wonderfully in bringing this rather portly car to a halt. Although some of the tighter corners showed the M6s propensity to understeer, that was easily solved with some judicious use of the throttle.

As for the looks, this car is just gorgeous. Although there is some reside of the “Bangle butt” in this generation, it does not really detract from the overall styling of the car. Although the car is rather long, the lines of the coupe really make the car feel smaller and almost give the car a feeling of “surging forward” through its design. The stock rims also do a lot to the overall look of the car with the thin spokes making the car appear lighter. The styling also lends a subtle “tuner” look to the car and gives it a more aggressive feel, without it becoming too overpowering.

Overall the car was a pleasure to drive and it felt stable and connected to the road at both high speed and during tight, low speed cornering. Although the tail was more than willing to swing out if you were a bit too heavy with the throttle, the balance of the car made it easy to drift through the corners. Although 500 horsepower could be a handful, the poise and balance of the car made it fun to drive.

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