Saturday, January 30, 2010

Virtual Test Drives

I have decided to start something new with this Blog. I am going to try (tentatively) to update this at least once a week with a “Virtual Test Drive.” This test drive will be done in Forza Motorsport 3 for the Xbox 360. This will help with both my writing and photography skills, along with “reviewing” cars I will probably never be able to drive in real life.

Each car will be taken through a series of “virtual tests.” These tests are meant to give an idea for the performance level of the car. Along with those tests, I will give the stats that the game has for the car. This will help with any comparison that might arise between the different cars. The following is a list of the tests that I will perform with each car.

The first will be similar to the “Power Lap” that is done on Top Gear. This is meant to be an all around benchmark for the car. The course I have chosen is Ladera Full. It is a smaller course that has a good series of tight corners and enough straights to test the acceleration of the vehicle. It is a short length also, so the times should be easier to keep consistent. Each car will be given three runs from a standing start, with the fastest run being tallied. This will show how easy each car is to drive and how consistent it can be through multiple starts. This time will be kept on the “Ladera Leaderboard” that will continue to tally all the times of the different cars.

The next test is a run on the Benchmark Quarter Mile track. This will be done in the same style as the first test and is meant to show the cars pure acceleration ability. Along with this test, there will be a flat out portion on the Benchmark High Speed Ring that will attempt to see the top speed that the car can pull on a single lap.

Finally, there will be a Point-to-Point test on Kaido Stage C. This is a downhill “touge” style race that will test the braking and cornering ability of the car. This will also be done in the same style as the Ladera test.

Along with all the information from these tests, I will post a write up of my thoughts on the car as a whole. I will attempt to cover everything from the feel of the car to the general aesthetics of it. Interspersed with this write up will be a few photos of the car that I have taken in the Forza 3 Photomode.

I am hoping this will be interesting and entertaining for the audience, as well as honing my skills as a writer. Throw in having some fun playing games and developing an eye for photography and this might be the best idea I have had in a while.

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