Sunday, December 26, 2010

EJ25 Subaru Engine Table

This video shows the absolute best Christmas gift I have ever received. My father-in-law custom made this entire table himself. It started with a junked EJ25 Subaru motor with a cracked head. He took it completely apart and spent time cleaning and polishing it. Once it was clean, he painted it a nice flat black. He then custom machined an adapter to attach the crankshaft to the flywheel on the opposite side it normally connects. He refinished the flywheel and then painted part of it, and the crankshaft, blue to add some nice visual distinction. He got a custom 2" thick piece of acrylic plastic to act as the top. It was then bolted it to the flywheel so when you move the table top, it moves the flywheel. Which, in turn, moves the crankshaft and makes the pistons move in and out.

I think it is just an incredible piece of work and fits my style perfectly. I am trying to convince him to make them for other people, as I am sure there is a market for such an awesome piece of functional automotive art.

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