Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello and welcome to our new blog. Yes, we know the internet is just awash in blogs these days. However, we feel that we are reaching a fairly tight niche of people. Although there are quite a good number of both Video Game and Automotive blogs, we have yet to see one that encompasses both of those as a singular entity. It will be maintained and updated by my good friend Drew (Firetat) and myself (Robert aka Shortt Sirket).

I must say that I have always been shocked by how often the lines of the automotive and video game enthusiasts cross. Although I am sure there is some corollary between them, it just does not strike me as something that would be that common. It is strange how they lead into each other and I am going to take this time to explain to you how I came to be a devotee to both of these pursuits.

My love actually started with video games. Since I have been a nerd since my early years, all sorts of electronics have always intrigued me. It was a magical moment the first time I sent foot into an arcade and I would honestly say I have never been the same since. My father has always been a car fan. Not deeply into it, but he dabbled in buying sports cars, going to car shows and watching racing. But I just never really was that interested, instead opting to lose myself in the different genres of video games.

But it was the release of Gran Turismo for the Playstation that changed everything for me. I am still not sure what made me so interested in the game, but something inexplicably drew me to it. I was able to convince my dad to get the game for me due to some wheeling and dealing involving hauling scrap iron and how it was about “cars and racing.”

The second I popped that game in and started it up, a new love affair was born. Before me was all manners of cars, tracks, and parts that I had never even realized existed before. The start was shaky as I had no understanding of even the basics of suspensions, engines, tire choice and other customization options. Eventually I was able to glean more and more information from this game. I learned to understand how important weight was to both the handling and speed of a car. I learned about how a stiff suspension reduces body roll and how an oil change can do wonders for a car.

And the rest was history, as the saying goes. Gran Turismo 2 sucked me in even more with it’s cavalcade of 500+ cars. Many of which I had never even heard of. My mind was open to TVR, Lotus, Citroen, Daihatsu, Vector and others. It was pure automotive porn and I loved every minute of it.

Now I am a massive automotive fan, going to every race, car show, and drift competition I can. I am also still deep into video games as well. And when these passions mix in games like Gran Turismo, Forza, Burnout and the like…that is where I belong.

And that brings me to this blog. You will see our passion for both of these forms of entertainment brought forth in game reviews, car show updates, and an assortment of original columns detailing our thoughts on both industries as a whole.

Enjoy the ride!

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